25 Comments on "Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods Playing Golf"

  1. you have no idea. Do you know how many people dedicate to it and manage
    nothing? if you dont have a natural talent you may end playing well, but to
    be at the top and face up with the best, you need to be a genius. If you
    have it so clear why dont you spend a year playng and earn so many

  2. im sorry you are wrong golf is harder than all of these put together. Golf
    is harder then any other game in teh world to get good at it , let alone
    the best in the world , lol/ i play all of the games you mentioned and i
    became awesome at it , enough to compete and win in tournaments .

  3. great vid clip of MJ and Tiger. here is one of MJ at 2010 Lake Tahoe golf
    event. he bets a group of fan 100 if he will hit the green

  4. @jyoung6661 Jordan divorced his wife and the settlement was 150 million
    …..MJ retired when his dad was murdered to chase a baseball career…..He
    was also mixed up in gambling and owed some big debts at the time….when
    all that cleared he came back and won 3 straight championships Jordan
    missed a few seasons for various reasons….he really should have 8
    rings……but he wanted out of the spotlight a few times

  5. TBH this is a very very good team, jordan has been playing golf for a very
    long long time so he’s not such a hinderance

  6. Jordan once said ” Tiger is the one person that makes me wish I was someone

  7. @akuonye It’s not tigers dick they were after…..It was his MONEY
    !!!!!…….White women…especially attractive blondes will use men of any
    race who have a good job so they can get the money and lifestyle…sad but

  8. i cant help but wonder whether or not jordan corrupted tiger a bit with his
    “when youre the greatest in the world you can fuck anyone you want”
    mentality. seems like tiger was a good kid up until they started hanging

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