Tiger Woods discusses beating his dad for the first time

There was a time when former world number one Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley were the best of friends, almost inseparable and always present by each other’s side. They hardly talk to each other now, having had an unceremonious end to their friendship but Barkley just cannot stop talking about Tiger.

Barkley sat down for an interview recently which was televised in the United States of America where he reiterated the act that he and Tiger are no longer friends. He said that he has not talked to the 14 time major winner since the accident. He added that since that time, both he and Tiger went in different directions.

Barkley mentioned that he is not upset by it but he is indeed a little bit disappointed to be very honest. According to Barkley, that particular night changed Tiger Woods forever. He mentioned that he chose to handle it his own way, and decided to sever ties with his friends and as his friend; he has to accept that decision made by him.