Tiger Woods

It is a good time to be coming to Augusta.
The world’s greatest golfers are all seem to be hitting their stride before the Augusta the Masters. CBS and ESPN both would likely be set up for a ratings success; however, it can go ahead of if Tiger Woods near the top or is at top of the leaderboard next week.

“There is no comparison. It is an absolutely other level of concentration when Tiger is in contention,” Andy North, ESPN analyst said.

Tiger Woods is regarded as the most successful American Golfer and hence he is one of the highest paid athletes in the world for many years.

He has broken several records of golf, which makes him one of the famous athletes today. The assistant captain has decided well in advance on the 4 players that the captain of the U.S. should choose for the Ryder Cup this year. This was stated as per Davis Love III. Love is quite happy with his team and the manner in which it’s shaping up. Well, there was an added benefit received by him when Jimmy Walker showed the outstanding golf of his career to achieve the maiden major title in the PG Championship.

There will be 8 players that would qualify in the contest, which will be held on merit at Hazeltine. Thereafter, Love will be unveiling the pick of 3 captains after the BMW Championship. This will be the 3rd of the 4 FexExCup events which will be concluded on 11th of September. The final choice will be made by him a fortnight later after the completion of the Tour Championship.

Welcome to a Masters free of Tiger. Well, this is for the second time in three years that Tiger Woods would be missing this highly anticipated event.

And fans must get used to this site. But if we be honest, everyone would agree that this is not something that people would stay used to.
Golf is nothing without Tiger – a lot of people believe that. He is one of the greatest players whose back gave out at last. It is disturbing for some that arguably the most important player is not here playing this year.

He is missing, but still he is very much present everywhere. There is not a press conference that goes by where his name is not mentioned. The kudos lavished upon him by the young people who grew up hero-worshiping him, the same person who are now taking over the game from him, is enlightening and laudatory. This is bit press conference, and bit oral history.

It hasn’t even been a week since the United States suffered yet another humbling defeat in the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles but the USPGA has already started a complete overhauling of the current system in place.

Ted Bishop, the president of the USPGA has told the media that the association is looking into the option of creating a special task force that will look into the entire system of operations of the Ryder Cup which will have a say in everything, starting from how the captains are chosen to the selection of the final twelve members in the team.

Bishop said that he intends to give this task force a completely blank canvas and hope it can give the PGA some input. He also mentioned that the PGA is willing to take a step back from the action and listen to the advice of people who are directly involved in the action.

There have been reports that the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will find places in this task force and will have a huge say in how things go about from now on.

Bishop did mention that there will be around ten to twelve members in the task force and most of them will be past or present players, and while he did not wish to name any potential member, sources do indicate the presence of Mickelson and Tiger Woods as well as Davis Love III.

Mickelson has been very vocal about his criticism of the current debacle of the US team in the Ryder Cup and although Tiger Woods was not a part of the side that lost the third consecutive Ryder Cup to Europe, the 14 time major winner is still the most sought after golfer in the world and the USPGA will turn to him.

Former world number one Tiger Woods is considering applying for a membership of the European Tour following a few changes recently with regards to the eligibility of a player. If Tiger is granted approval to compete in the European Tour, he will spearhead a trend that will filter throughout processional golf. And joint membership on the European Tour as well as the PGA Tour might just be the smartest career move that the American can make, especially at such a juncture in his career.

It was reported earlier in the week that Tiger will be eligible to take part in the European To9ur starting from 2013. It is expected that the European Tour will announce shortly that participation in the Presidents Cup, Ryder Cup and the Seve Trophy will count towards the 13 tournaments that are required to gain membership to the Tour and with Tiger Woods regularly competing in all of these events; his membership approval is just a matter of time.

Woods had previously thought about the dual membership back in 2000 when the European Tour required participation in 11 specific events, but later decided against the move. Only the Major Championships were included in both the European Tour and the PGA Tour eligibility. Despite the requirements at present for two additional events, the eligibility changes lands Woods in a perfect situation to take advantage of.

He is already an extremely powerful presence in the sport throughout the world but having a dual membership will enable Tiger the opportunity to achieve the same thing as managed by Luke Donald back in 2011 – winning the money league titles at both the European Tour and the PGA Tour. And Tiger Woods is not the only American golfer considering a move to the European circuit with many others likely to follow suit.

Former number one golfer Tiger Woods had a spark in his eyes after he made a positive start to his PGA Tour campaign this season. He fired a 4- under par 68 in the opening round of Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on Thursday.
Watched by large spectators after teeing off, Woods mixed 6 birdies with 2 bogeys to finish the day 5 strokes off the pace. Tiger, returned at the Pro-Am celebrity championship for the 1st time in ten years and looking for his very first title on the PGA tours in over 2 years, ignited the memories of his glory days.
Tiger was in a shining form off the tee, slightly disappointed by his approach play and might have been at least 2 or 3 shots better, had some well-hit putts not stopped near the cup or slipped past the cup edge. While speaking to journalists, Tiger told that he drove it great and he had it on a string for most of the day.
Woods was not very good with his irons; therefore, he will have to work in that. He added that he left few I left a few putts out there and he did not give himself enough looks when he had wedges in his hand.
Scoring situations were very perfect on the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. Tiger knew that it was critical not to finish the first round too far afloat. The thirty-six year old stated that when the scores are like this, he cannot get too far behind the lead. HE is hoping that tomorrow he can get it going over there at Monterey. It will be an important day to put it together and make some birdies.