Tiger Woods Is Back Now The Masters Ratings

It is a good time to be coming to Augusta.
The world’s greatest golfers are all seem to be hitting their stride before the Augusta the Masters. CBS and ESPN both would likely be set up for a ratings success; however, it can go ahead of if Tiger Woods near the top or is at top of the leaderboard next week.

“There is no comparison. It is an absolutely other level of concentration when Tiger is in contention,” Andy North, ESPN analyst said.

“People now love to see what he is going to do in the match one way or the other. We have missed that past three or four years. One can’t count on a guy who is 42 years to carry the business very long, however, at the same time it is very sure that it will be fun watching him competing with players. And there is a surety that lot of people wants to see him”.
In September at the Presidents Cup, Woods talked about his never playing again possibility at the Presidents Cup. Then there was a careful hopefulness from fans when he returned seemingly pain-free and the fans are wondering if woods will still wear the Green Jacket of the same size.
“I think we all are familiar with the up and downs in the ratings you get when Tiger is in contention,” the chairman of CBS Sports, Sean McManus, said. “Here I would not use the word ‘important,’ however, seeing him on the leaderboard as well as in contention on the weekend will be great. But I don’t think the Masters telecast will die or live with the Tiger Woods presence”.
In his past three tournaments, Woods has Woods finished fifth, second and 12th and with this performance, he has heightened the expectations of people, but here the point is the other top players have raised their games also.