Tiger Woods is lost, according to old friend O’Hair

The Valspar Championship a couple of weeks ago threw up an unexpected name in the spotlight in the form of Sean O’Hair. His friendship with 14 time major winner Tiger Woods, however, dates back a long time.

Speaking in 2009, Woods had said that O’Hair had to overcome a lot of difficult challenges, adding that he has grown up a lot during that time. He mentioned that he has a brilliant family and that he had a great fan of his well before going on to state that they are really good friends and are in constant contact with each other via texts.

O’Hair also repaid his friend he could give him when he said that no matter how close they are, Tiger always wants to slit his throat out on the golf course – a testament to the competitive spirit of the man and he has immense respect for that. And speaking recently at the Arnold Palmer Invitational about his old friend, O’Hair said that he believes Tiger Woods is a bit lost.

He added that the only reasons he is saying that is because he has seen it in his eyes, he has seen it in the way he walks and plays and he knows because he has been there and knows what it feels like. O’Hair has had a struggle with his family for a very long time and he believes Woods is going through a similar phase.

He mentioned that he feels that Tiger Woods has a clouded mind at the moment and that has got nothing to do with the faltering swing or the fact that he is not committed to the game anymore. He thinks there is something that is bothering him and if he manages to address that issue, he will be back to his best.