Retired competitive swimmer Michael Phelps reportedly reached out to golf legend Tiger Woods in the wake of his DUI arrest.

A report by the New York Times shows that the revered Olympian called Woods when reports of his arrest broke out.

Phelps has been in the same situation twice, back in 2004 and in 2014. He understood what Woods would be going through amid his career struggles. One of Tiger Woods’ pal Notah Begay III gave his contact to Phelps as he felt the star swimmer could offer “honest and direct feedback” especially as someone who has been in the same situation and is of the same caliber as Woods.

Phelps struggled to manage scandals, pressure to remain a top athlete, anxiety and depression and all that. He has been trying to help out athletes who may be silently suffering from similar issues. Phelps labeled Woods DUI arrest a “massive scream for help.” The golfer was battling a lot and his toxicology reports shows five different drug in his system at the time. Woods has refused to thrown in the towel as he keeps pushing but he has met little success so far.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee recently described Woods as unquestionably the most intimidating player when he was at the top of the PGA Tour. The last four years seem to have helped people forget what Woods was like as he continues to struggle with poor form and injuries. Hopefully he gets it together soon.