Tiger Woods not playing in Masters this year, but he is very much there

Welcome to a Masters free of Tiger. Well, this is for the second time in three years that Tiger Woods would be missing this highly anticipated event.

And fans must get used to this site. But if we be honest, everyone would agree that this is not something that people would stay used to.
Golf is nothing without Tiger – a lot of people believe that. He is one of the greatest players whose back gave out at last. It is disturbing for some that arguably the most important player is not here playing this year.

He is missing, but still he is very much present everywhere. There is not a press conference that goes by where his name is not mentioned. The kudos lavished upon him by the young people who grew up hero-worshiping him, the same person who are now taking over the game from him, is enlightening and laudatory. This is bit press conference, and bit oral history.
Woods is gone, but he is surely not forgotten. Having recently turned forty, he is not able to play because of his bad back, but decidedly not anywhere close to moved back. As he said, this is weird. Phil Mickelson was asked on Tuesday if it appears unknown to him when Woods misses a top event.
Mickelson jokingly stated that they did not share a house together. Therefore he did not saw it in that way.