Tiger Woods Should Play More: David Love

While the former # 1 golfer is struggling hurt to get back to his previous glorious position, David Love has advised him to go for more plays. According to the American Ryder Cup spearhead, tournaments would be able to cure Woods’ rust and lead him towards better performances.

According to Love, Tiger must not only focus on majors and he should try his chances at regular events as well.

In spite of his 2 month self-imposed hiatus to fix up his faltering performances, the former # 1 was able to finish in top twenty at the recently concluded Augusta National. After that, the 39-year-old did not specify when he would reappear and simply said that he would on a off for some time.

But according to golf pundits, Woods would be actually making a mistake if he turns his back to competitions ahead. This is especially more relevant when he is aspiring for Ryder Cup in 2016 – he is needed to extend his limited schedule as this would be really helpful in getting back to his previous confident form.

“I have had long discussions with him (Woods) over the past 6 months & I have been constantly pulling him to get into playing more & more”, remarked Love.

“I wish to see him at Presidents Cup this year as well as in Ryder Cup in 2016. If he starts to drive it & puts in some more effort, he would be back to where he was.”

“I am hopeful to see him play more and more this summer. I am aware that he is concentrated on majors yet those 4 tournaments are really to just pop in & play. Woods played really good at Masters & I saw that. I really cherish to see both Tiger & Phil in action.”