Woods Confirm Designing Of 10-Hole Course

As we all know Tiger Woods is recovering from his back pain, hasn’t played golf much as of late.

Yet, his return to the game is still ambiguous, it is still not clear whether the winner of 14 majors will be seen playing golf soon. He is still making his mark on the game.

Recently, Woods and TGR Design together took an initiative and declared the helm, which is a 41-year-old will be a new 10-hole short course in the Bahamas. The course has been named “The Playgrounds.” It will sit on the Atlantic Ocean. And it will be joined by another course which is 18-hole. The sister course will follow the suit of the “The Playground”. It is shared by the Woods that the new courses will be part of Jack’s Bay, which is a private development.

Woods released a press release for making this announcement. In the release, he said, “Being the part of this spectacular project is an honor to me. It is like a paradise,” Woods said in a press release.

“The new course has the astonishing convergence of sea and land. This will give an incredible and unique golf experience to the golf lover. It is one the best that TGR Design could deliver. A luxury resort is also there to compliment the course, and it is designed to give the feeling of both fun and challenge to the golfers. The course is perfect for pro golfers as well as the amateur one.” Woods says, “The only challenge with the course is, the player may get distracted because of the phenomenal view outside the course. Presence of sand, sea and greens give the astonishing view to the course and it will be one best in the World.”

In addition to playing world class golf, Woods has interest designing as well. In his spare time he has delved into the golf design world.